A happier Life is everyone’s right

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A happier life is everyone’s right

Movement is the means to man’s survival. It is the realization of thought, doing and independence. The man in motion is a complex, integrated fact continuously developing and changing. Lack of movement fundamentally causes delay in his development as social individual,
and this may come to considerably affect the development of his body, his mind and
spirit. The focus of rehabilitation depends on each case’s characteristics: Pilates Method was
created to this purpose, since in its early stages it sought to rehabilitate wounded
soldiers (1920) and the results were really impressive.

Through conscious movement and neuromuscular re-training, rehabilitation is achieved.
To that end, we rely on each person’s skills. Recovering physical and psychological security is the key that opens the door of change. Rigorous plans with scientific foundations allow us to attain results in the short, medium and long term and these results are incorporated until they become habit in a person’s everyday life, improving their quality of interaction. Each case is studied considering every aspect that can be affecting the person, for work routines to reach the desired results faster, from then on the person can flow from within and get a happier life. By moving your body, your mind and spirit will move along.

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Move to flow is the departure point for Marcelo Mico’s philosophy.