Here’s a list of the things that you will probably regret when you grow older

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The best things in life can’t be seen or touched, you can only feel them

  1. Not having traveled when you had the chance. Traveling is harder as you grow old,
    because having a family of three or more people is more complicated than supporting
  2. Not having learned another language. You will regret having spent more than 4 years studying a second language at school and yet you don’t remember a thing about it.
  3. Staying in a bad relationship. Remember that “If you decide to be in an unhappy
    relationship, you have decided to be unhappy”. Believe me, no one who has walked
    away from a bad relationship has turned back and not wished they had done it before.
  4. Forgetting to wear sunscreen. Moles, wrinkles, skin cancer are some of the health
    problems that can be avoided if you take care of yourself.
  5. Missing out on an opportunity to go to a concert. “Nah! No worries. Amy Winehouse
    will come back to Mexico next year…” Oops!
  6. Being afraid of doing stuff. Every time you look back, you’ll think “Why was I so
    afraid of that?”
  7. Not making “exercising” a priority. Many people will reach their peak lying on a
    couch. When you make it to 40, 50 or more, you will regret doing nothing instead of
    caring a little for yourself.
  8. Let yourself be defined by gender roles. There is nothing as sad as hearing you
    say, “back in those days things were not done like that”. Dare to break paradigms.
  9. Not quitting the job you hate. Ok. We understand there are bills to pay, but if you
    don’t have a plan to improve, you might wake up 40 years later living in work hell.
  10. Not having tried harder at school. It’s not like grades will make you more worthy, but
    some day you’ll say to yourself you wish you had paid more attention in class.
  11. Not realizing how handsome/pretty you are. Many of us spend a long time being
    sorry for not being handsome and spend fortunes in improving something we don’t like.
    In all actuality, we are beautiful all the time.
  12. Being afraid to say “I love you”. As you grow older, you’ll find that even though you
    were not always loved back, you would have always liked to share your feelings.
  13. Not listening to your parents’ advice. We know, when you are young you don’t even
    want to hear them, but believe us; you’ll wish you can at least hear their voice, let alone
    their advice. And the best thing is everything they said was true.
  14. Pay much attention to what people think of you. I swear, in 20 years you will not
    even remember what was it that people said about you, that you cared so much about.
  15. Support other people’s dreams above your own. Yes, helping others is good, if and
    when you take the time to shine for yourself and make your own dreams come true.
  16. Holding a grudge or resentment against someone. That means letting someone live
    in your head without paying rent. It is not worth it. What’s the point of remembering over
    and over how they hurt you? Let it go.
  17. Not standing up for yourself. Grownups don’t take what they don’t want, and you
    shouldn’t either.
  18. Not having done volunteer work. Believe me; volunteering to make someone’s life
    better is something you will never regret. It feels incredible.
  19. Not caring for your teeth. Brush, floss, and see your dentist regularly. When you’re
    older and lose three or four teeth, you’ll wish you took better care of them.
  20. Not asking your grandparents about the facts of life before they’re gone. They have
    already walked the path you are walking and are an immense fountain of wisdom. Don’t
    miss out on the opportunity to show your love before they’re not there anymore.
  21. Working too much. Nobody on the brink of death has wished they have worked
    more or spent more time at the office. On the contrary, they wish they have spent more
    time with their family, friends or hobbies.
  22. Not being able to cook at least one dish you like. You will always be remembered by

cooking “Hernandez Eggs”, “Enchiladas Susana”, or “Chicken Elena”. Learn to cook.
You’ll thank yourself.

  1. Not stopping to appreciate the moment. Yes, we know, youth are always so active;
    nonetheless, it is good to stop and look around. Do it.
  2. Not ending what you start. “It bothers me when people cannot finish a phra…”
  3. Let yourself be defined by cultural expectations. Never let anybody tell you: “We
    don’t do that”.
  4. Not letting your friends carry on with their own lives. Friends grow apart. They each
    have their own life and must do what they deem best for them. Getting in their way
    causes trouble and sadness; you don’t want that.
  5. Not having played more with your children. When you grow older, you’ll see how
    your children went from “Daddy let’s play” to “Get out of my room, dad”.
  6. Not taking risks, especially when it comes to love. Knowing you dared to ask
    someone out, even if it was the biggest fiasco ever, will be a sweet memory when you’re
    old. The same goes for everyday life. In the end you will laugh about it.
  7. Not taking the time to make contacts. You will always need them, always. So you
    better start making them.
  8. Worrying too much about everything. If things can be fixed, why worry? If they
    cannot be fixed, why worry?
  9. Making more drama than necessary. What for? Nobody needs it. Relax, man!
  10. Not spending more time with your loved ones. Time we spend with people we love
    is limited and will be over soon. Make the best of it and take maximum advantage.
  11. Never have sung or spoken to an audience. Yes, it is a difficult thing, it sounds
    crazy. But daring will boost your self esteem. You can do it, even if you don’t believe it.
    You will be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Not having made love more times with your spouse. Sex is a supreme act of
    happiness and ecstasy. Even more when you do it with the one you love. Unfortunately it
    comes with an expiration date. You will regret not doing it more often.
  13. Not having been timely grateful. It is hard to see at the beginning, but it eventually
    becomes clear that every moment is this world, from the most mundane to the most
    incredible, is a gift that has been given us and we are incredibly fortunate to have
    received it.