All together for the same purpose,

Your wellbeing!

Malinalli Magaña

Malinalli was born in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She started teaching Pilates in 2008, coincidentally, the same year she met Marcelo Mico. From that moment she aspired to someday becoming a team member at Marcelo Mico Pilates, and to continue her own training as his student.

Dayhan Paulina López

She is a Pilates trainer with patience and drive to teach; a skillful conveyor of knowledge. Her vision is to grow as a trainer and to help more people to feel strong, healthy and happy about their body. Her education so far includes courses and workshops taught by Lucero López Avilés, Elena Bartley, Vanessa Ham, Carolina Sendic and Rebecca Ramos O’Reilly.

Valeria de Léon

Born in Mexico City, she has a degree in Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation. Likewise, in 2018 he began his training in the Pilates method certified by the teacher Elena Bartley.

My interest in the human movement and health have led me to carry out my training learning from different methods and techniques to improve people’s health and quality of life.

I have a special interest in the performing arts and body expression, I practice disciplines such as dance, acrobatics and contemporary circus. I currently work as a physiotherapist, rehabilitator and pilates instructor at Marcelo Mico Pilates.

Citlali Quintero

Originally from Durango, Dgo México, Professional Dancer of Classical and Contemporary Dance, Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist (Somatic) and  Bachelor of  Admon of Tourist Companies.

She has known the Pilates Method for 24 years in the system for dancers and for rehabilitation, the latter being the one that prompted her to be an Instructor of said system. Committed to supporting the improvement of the quality of life of each being that could go through its teaching.

She has worked with various dance and physical techniques such as Graham, Limón, Realease, Cunningham, Horton, Jazz, Ballet, Aerial and Vertical Dance, Hip Hop, Topf, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Lagree Method and somatic movement.

Luis Octavio Fregoso

I worked at SEAT and Frontier Airlines, and in my own property management company.

I came in contact with the Pilates method through Marcelo Mico, and I became an instructor under his guidance and that of his bro.

Miguel Brizuela

A sportsman for over 15 years and a visual artist, Miguel was born in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, and in 2011 he decided to move to Puerto Vallarta.

He discovered the Pilates Method under Marcelo Mico’s guidance, and was later certified by him, with very good grades. The owner of a kind and amiable personality, he currently teaches at both studios, under the motto “Move to Flow”.

Alonso González

Bachelor of Physical Culture and Sports, born in Puerto Vallarta. I use physical activity and sport as a fundamental means of intervention, to favor the integral development of the individual in different settings and social groups, with responsibility, service, solidarity and teamwork.

I got to know the Pilates method and got certified with Marcelo Mico. Thanks to his school and his philosophy “Move to flow” is more than a motto and the Pilates Method became a lifestyle and a passion.

Lucas Monjelo

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his career at age 8 as a gymnast, at the Haedo sports club with a successful career until he was 17 years old, achieving many awards locally and nationally in rings, fixed bar, parallel bars, horse with arches and soil.

Lucas moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and is pursuing a career as a Physiotherapist that complements all his Pilates Method training that he essentially attends at the Marcelo Mico Pilates Studios. Determined, disciplined and friendly, Lucas combines sports, physical therapy and the Pilates method to teach his classes.

Yadira González

She studied Contemporary Dance, for some years she worked as a dance teacher for people with and without disabilities. For 10 years she has been a professional in the world of Pilates, she has directed important Pilates gyms in Monterrey, her constant study and preparation led her to Vallarta to the school of teacher Marcelo Micó, with whom she continues to prepare.
She with a trajectory of more than 20 years in the work of the body.

Mayra Nuñez

Born in Sinaloa and living in Puerto Vallarta for 22 years.

Natural Medicine Therapist at Instituto Bernard Jensen, Puerto Vallarta (2003-2005)

Diploma in Reiki at the Instituto Bernard Jensen, Puerto Vallarta (2004)</

Master Reiki at Ixshala Vallarta (2019)

Master in Tibetan Bowls at Ixshala Vallarta (2020)

The first time I took a Reiki class the technique of transmitting energy through the laying on of hands and using it to improve people’s lives captivated me. In addition, I have taken a series of courses and diplomas related to development for people’s well-being.

Currently I work in the advertising field, but I have always given myself the time to give therapies because that is what I enjoy most in life.  In these days of social distancing and staying at home; I have been giving distance therapies, which has had a great impact with people because the result and connection has been the same as my face-to-face therapies have been. I invite you to try a session.