Marcelo Micó is a lover of basic movement

and an advocate for respect of moving.

Move to flow summarizes many years of treating people, watching how they move, how their body works, and watching myself too. The body is the individual’s container and it stores all that happens to him. The mind works and the body is receiving it and expressing it. It all sticks to muscles like a shell, or a suit of armor, to carry on with any process.

To move is the ability to go on; moving helps us cleanse, oxygenate, and to move body parts like oneself to the happiness of being yourself.

Marcelo Micó is a lover of basic movement and an advocate for respect of moving, no matter how; the path leads you to live new experiences, wich move not only your body but your mind as well.


Our Pilates method is not a series of exercises, it is a lot more: it is a way of life, a gate to our incredible inner world. By aligning and balancing mind, body and spirit at the beat of your breath, you will flow from your center, you will detox with the movement and you will enter increasingly deeper levels of self-knowledge and control.

Muscle and bone alignment will work in the opposite direction to stress, with new, finer neuromuscular messages and proper movement pattern information, which will improve your perception of yourself and your environment. Inner control, self esteem and confidence will project in your life achievements, your level of stress will reduce and your self immune system will strengthen. You will be more resilient to illnesses thanks to a deep, complete breathing.

Pilates removes our body’s inner resistance to be able to handle, from within, external resistance that we face everyday. All exterior conflicts can be controlled by a whole, clean, solid inside.

Pilates is a method for everybody: children, seniors, athletes and physically impaired persons. Your body is the house where your mind and spirit will nestle for your whole life. Allow the energy of good movement make health flow through your house and you will find, just like many of my students and myself have, the happiness of living within a body where everything transforms with every day, where surprise and awe encourage us to discover who we really are.

Our studio’s door is always open to those who are not content with just moving, and want to move in plenitude and create a real, positive change.

Trust your essence and give yourself to the Pilates Method: it is the best health investment known today. Given the complexity of human being, in our studio changes are carried out taking into consideration every possible area to achieve real, permanent transformation. There is no other miracle pill than knowing how to breathe, how to walk and know our limitations. “Desire is power, power is to love yourself”