Pilates Restore

Specialized Rehabilitation

We often think that Restore or rehabilitation is only applicable to really severe cases; however, it also has to do with “reestablishing” body functions that might be lost because
of a lesion, which may come in a moment, like a muscle spasm, herniated disc, knee ache, curvature of the spine, respiratory problems, sciatic nerve, bad support of feet, etc.
All of which are common lesions, some of them passing, and can be reestablished, kept pain-free and improve their function through this method, which relieves pain and helps
you get better. Likewise, it works for more specific issues such as hip replacement, knee prosthesis, and loss of limbs in accidents, multiple sclerosis, etc. With Pilates Restore we can reestablish body movement as support to a surgical procedure or medical treatment and have it work just like before the surgery or lesion. We believe that Pilates Restore supports the circuit and body function, until it is completely restored, providing it with the support to function as balanced as possible. It supports the respiratory system, cardiovascular, balance up to providing security and everything that supports the student to recover a normal, pain-free life.


Reestablishes movement patterns
Strengthens muscles
Eliminates or reduces pain
Improves balance, stability, agility
Avoids impact on joints