Pilates Teens

Teenagers aged 13 to 17


This is one of the most fun categories, because we accompany them in their teen years, which is sometimes complicated due to hormonal changes occurring at this age. We
help improve and correct movements and postures that as consequence of the great development can go out of balance. Through Pilates Teens we help them incorporate
their body’s new dimensions to their everyday movements, in many cases we accompany them as complement of any sport activity and we prevent some spine problems that can be ideally corrected at this age, such as scoliosis, bad postural habits. It is a very good age to make structural, mental changes. In this stage in which to them it is very important to feel understood, that they are able to move and to understand themselves, the Pilates Method is simply a marvelous companion on this stage of growth.


Improves performance in sports
Improves balance and agility
Increases mental acuity & self-esteem
Stretches the body
Tones muscles without hurting joints