Relation between water and human health “Water is perhaps one of the most important elements that exist”

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Relation between water and human health is very close…

Water is perhaps one of the most important elements that exist. Is as simple as that, and
yet it’s that complicated. It is one of the most essential elements for the health of the
planet, the animals that populate it and it is fundamental to human survival.
Water makes up for 70 % of the human body’s weight; therefore, a person that goes
without drinking water could die in a few days. The irony is that water is actually well within reach. In every household there is a faucet to drink from, and yet most of the people in the world suffer from what is called “chronic dehydration” because they don’t drink enough water, and they are the ones manifesting general exhaustion, which could be fixed simply by drinking a little bit more water a day. When a person is not used to drinking all the water he or she needs, water moves away from joints to reach other more important parts of the body, exposing them to greater friction, which can cause pain and lead to lesions and arthritis. Nevertheless, drinking water is not all that it’s all about, it is convenient to exercise regularly, to have a balanced diet and a positive attitude toward life. You’d be surprised to know the natural ability of the human body to heal itself; so, go help it and have a glass of water right now!